Furniture Assembly Service

When you buy furniture today, most come flat-packed. Its easy to transport and very eco friendly. They do take a lot less space to transport and are easier to handle. We understand that it can become a pain to assemble all the small parts, but our team of furniture assemblers are here to help. Our team is very experienced and will bring all the tools and necessary equipment put all your furniture together properly. You can rest assured everything will be assembled properly and there wont be any screws missing or to spare.

Our team will assemble all the furniture as stated from the book, and ensure every step is followed correctly and will also place the assemble piece of furniture in the room and position you desire, so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting later on. Assembling beds, bedside tables, wardrobes, and desks don’t have to give you any stress. Our Furniture assemblers are quiet and will always keep noise to a minimum. The furniture assembly team will also clean up each room when they are finished. We can send you more than one person to help with the furniture assembly depending on how quickly you want the service to be. Call us today and speak to a member of our team for more information and to book your low cost,efficient and friendly furniture assembly man.


No loose parts, no loose screws. Furniture assembly done by the book!

We really know the feeling of seeing your lovely furniture being broken to pieces. It’s hard beating the thought that you will never see it standing up in one piece. Our many years of assisting families and businesses move have taught us that often customers search for extra services to help them get going in the new location. Furniture Assembly is one of the many services we are happy to provide to you along with the traditional picking up and delivery.
Modern furniture has the advantage of being modular and allowing multiple assemblies and disassembles without losing overall qualities like stability and resistance. This has certainly made our life easy and has contributed to reducing the overall price of the moving operation. Taking furniture apart also helps in protecting it better during transportation. Components can be packed together so that no space is wasted inside the van. The more components there are, the less heavy loads our movers are required to carry. In a job where every pound counts, going for the lightest configuration makes the job safer and easier, pushing for a faster completion.


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